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Advanced Environmental Laboratory - A Full Service Water Treatment Program

AEL Advantages

Personal, Local Service

Our experienced sales representatives are dedicated to providing the best customer service possible. We will analyze your entire production operation in order to:

  • prevent problems,
  • ensure compliance,
  • and save you money.

Integrating “upstream” and “downstream” operations are our specialty.

Technical Support

Our representatives are backed by a complete technical services laboratory which includes:

  • no-charge sample testing,
  • assistance with product selection,
  • advanced analytical capabilities,
  • and R &
  • At your request, we will provide on-site training for your plant personnel on topics ranging from:

    • product utilization,
    • testing & monitoring,
    • system optimization,
    • personal & plant safety,
    • and regulatory compliance.


    AEL offers a complete system approach to water treatment by providing simple, easy to use monitoring and controlling equipment, pumps, water meters, test kits, and other specialty products.


    All on-site service is documented by your local representative in a written service report that is discussed with the manager in charge. At this time, any necessary maintenance will be performed and the system optimized for continued trouble-free performance.


    AEL stands behind all its products and guarantees that all products provided will be free from defects and provide the most cost effective approach for the treatment application. AEL will return any product, at no cost to the customer, if it is determined the product is defective or does not perform as advertised.