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Advanced Environmental Laboratory - A Full Service Water Treatment Program


Full Service Program

  • At least one service technician will be on the premises for:
  • testing of the systems,
  • preventive maintenance of pumps and dispensers, and,
  • monitoring of towers, boilers, and closed loop.

There will be multi personnel on the site for fueling chemical storage tanks for all systems, back up personnel for preventive maintenance installations; chemical testing also be available.

  • Chemical testing of all systems once per month, as well as extra testing on possible trouble systems. Written reports and reports on computer disks are available for easy review.
  • AEL will maintain pumps and dispensers with small parts. Major failures are the companies responsibility; replacement of pumps and dispensers will be at their cost.
  • A 24-hour hotline will be available for emergency situations.
  • Periodic bacteria testing and reporting to be performed by AEL field engineers.
  • Containment Systems for all chemical supplies comply with Federal Regulation 40 CFR-264.193.